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Decentralized and community focused

Platform for sustainable fashion stakeholders 

The future of social media.

Use the app. Own it. Govern its future.

How does Shuffle work?

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For all the Stakeholders

A decentralized platform for all the sustainable fashion stakeholders. Cut the middleman, connect, discuss and brainstorm for a more efficient and sustainable fashion


Digital Wardrobe

Create your digital wardrobe with your real as well as digital clothes. Make outfits to share with the community. Track what you have and how often you use them


Virtual Stylists

A range of stylists are here for you to look better, use clothes more creatively and most importantly, be sustainable.  

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Digital Wardrobe

Create your digital wardrobe and digital collection with your real as well as digital clothes. Make outfits to share with the community 


Use to Earn 

Introducing a first ever concept ot Use to earn. The more active you are in the app, the more you earn. Earn points from post, like, comments, followers and many more


Community owned

Own your favorite platform and help decide on the things that matter. With decentralized governance, the community decides what happens with the platform and also what happens with your data. Shuffle will introduce DAO structure over time for user inclusivity


$SHFL Coin

Convert your points in the app to $ SHFL coin. The coin is the lifeforce of the whole ecosystem. Earn and spend your coin for all the services in the app


Plant trees & make a difference

Plant  REAL trees by collecting points from the app. Part of the coin also goes to the betterment of garments workers and ecofriendly projects to offset cost of fast fashion. Five percent of $SHFL coin is reserved for tree plantation and ethical fashion. 

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