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Better fashion, sustainable future

10,000 liters of water that's what is needed to produce a pair of jeans! That's just nine years worth of drinking water. Fast fashion is filling up our wardrobes but we still feel nothing to wear. One of out five clothes in our wardrobe are never worn even once. To get an idea, Fashion is the second largest polluter, first being the oil industry.

What do we do? 

It's simple. Shuffle our wardrobe. Shop from there. The development of our own style from what we have is both sustainable and creative instead of adopting new trends every day. Our sustainable stylists and environmentally conscious group are always a part of creating you with just what you have a special individual and style

The staggering amount of pollution by the fast fashion is shocking. It's not just that $30 we are paying for the jeans, the real cost is $30 plus the 10,000 liters of water plus the CO2 emission plus the inhuman condition of the garments workers. It's high time we acted on it. Our tree plantation program and future plan of contributing towards the garments workers from the countries garments are made, we will take a big step towards sustainability!


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